Compliance Managed Services

Compliance Managed Services

Do Not Call List Management

Simplify your compliance efforts and take advantage of our expertise in consumer regulatory compliance, especially as it relates to Do Not Call compliance. We dedicate significant resources to maintaining the most current Do Not Call databases including the FTC Do Not Call Registry and all relevant state lists.

We can compile and maintain any Do Not Call lists that you licensed based on your specifications and calling requirements - including optional lists such as the NeuStar Wireless Portability list or your own company-specific Do Not Call list.

We have stringent processes in place to acquire, validate and verify all Do Not Call data. We are so confident about our processes that we warrant the accuracy and timeliness of the Do Not Call databases.


PossibleNOW's experience in telemarketing regulatory compliance indicates that many sellers may not properly monitor and enforce their telemarketing activities. This can leave a seller vulnerable to problems that can lead to violations.

Our Managed Services group can evaluate your post-call data to identify any of these potential risks:

  • Calls made to phone numbers that are on a state or Federal Do Not Call list
  • Calls made to wireless phone numbers
  • Calls made based on an Established Business Relationship (EBR) exemption after the "good through" date has expired
  • Calls made based on an EBR exemption into states that do not permit EBR calls
  • Calls made to consumers whose numbers are on the company‚Äôs internal Do Not Call list

Get a customized DNCAudit service including the data to be collected, the file formats and the steps in the data collection process.

Should our DNCAudit service identify any violations, you can take immediate corrective action.


Avoid oversuppressing phone numbers in your company-specific database that may now be callable.

PossibleNOW's DNCDirector service uses proprietary data hygiene processes to ensure effective, ongoing management of your internal Do Not Call list including:

  • Household turnover analysis
  • Area code updating
  • Time limit expiration

DNCDirector cleanses your company-specific Do Not Call database by identifying and "reclaiming" permanently disconnected and reassigned phone numbers. Our proprietary algorithms determine if the reported disconnects are valid, permanent disconnects, and when a disconnected phone number shows a change of address and is assigned to a new household.

  • Utilize Industry Best Practices
    Meet - and exceed - state and federal requirements for proper management and maintenance of company-specific Do Not Call lists.
  • A Defendable Safe Harbor Position
    PossibleNOW's DNCDirector suite of data hygiene services has been thoroughly reviewed by leading law firms who specialize in telemarketing law.
  • Get Immediate ROI
    Increase your calling population - and your revenue potential.
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